StephenMinistrywordsBlueAre you Going through a Difficult Time?  A Stephen Minister can help. Stephen Ministry is a lay caring ministry and Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation and caregivers that have received 50 hours of professional training and skill building for topics like listening, feelings, boundaries, assertiveness and they use Christian resources in care-giving. Stephen Ministers encourage and provide emotional and spiritual support to those who are going through a crisis or difficult time such as a divorce, hospitalization, depression over job loss, grief over the death of a loved one, and aging. They listen, understand, accept, and pray for you. While Stephen Ministers ARE NOT counselors; they are there to listen and care…not give advice or counsel. If you feel you’re at the end of your rope, Stephen Ministers can help you tie a knot and hang on.

To learn how you can receive a Stephen Minister’s confidential care, contact a pastor or our Stephen Leader and Congregational Care Coordinator, Deb Stafford.